“Thinking without acting makes you a coward. Acting without thinking makes you insane. You need both the thoughts and actions; they never walk alone!” 




We are one of the few communications firms that specialize in aligning employees with their company’s strategic initiatives. 


An organization’s success depends upon the workforce it employs. 


We ensure that our clients’ workforce understands their part in the the execution of the company strategy. Traditional strategy communications have leaders “teaching” employees about the marketplace and providing sound bites from the “management defined strategy”. This hand down from on high misses the intended mark of truly changing behavior. 


The process involves the fusion of learning and doing!


Strategy execution starts with engaging every employee in the business; empowering each individual with a feeling of ownership by connecting the unique role of each employee to the whole.


We accomplish this connection by fostering dialogue and change in organizations through a unique, small-group interactive process. Known as learning mattes. The process utilizes customized dialogue and a visual depiction to support an organization’s change management and organizational learning efforts. 


The process creates understanding by allowing people to learn by coming to their own conclusions. As a result they learn faster, have greater understanding, and their efforts become aligned with the strategic intent of the leadership . 


This learning fosters a conversion from understanding to concrete actions that truly transforms strategy, vision, and mission into reality. 


Companies awaken! Your workforce has become the biggest competitive differentiator in an increasingly competitive environment. The leaders first responsibility has become allowing employees to understand the strategy and how their jobs relate to it.”