Did You Know That Rapping Is The Next Level of Poetry?


I'd like to take a little time

Time to say this

I got a great gift to give that will inspire your kids

It's a poetry book

With so much to learn

Illustrations to look

And loaded with words

tell your friends that I have an invitation for you

to generously make a kind donation or two

Yeah, a dollar will do

But make it 100

get a fantastic, graphic, autographed classic

Sent to your house, just open the package

For you or a friend or maybe a grand kid

Every average joe can see

That the whole world needs a little poetry

So come and get it now

You know where you goin'

Just go to the site

And see the promotion

I thank you in advance on this track for showing

Support for this book full of illustrated poems

Dreamcams, SlammerWhams

in-between, Add an ampersand

You can read it on your bed or on grandmas lap

Donate a hundred bucks and get it autographed

Karil Alkaev

And william Hinsch

The books grade A

for all the kids

And it will even help your grammar man

Check it out dream cams and slammer whams


Even as a kid, Dirty-D, an international rapper, was an avid reader and rhyming verse became his weapon of choice to communicate with the world. But Rap’s roots extend back to our beginnings as humans and our love of playful language which Dirty-D is a masterful practitioner.

"You do NOT have to make everything rhyme in a poem, but you have to add a rhythm to it. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to sound beautiful, but in rap it has to sound beautiful and it has to be on time and it has to rhyme, so to me it’s the next level of poetry evolution" says Dirty.

Dirty-D ​says a lot of his raps actually start out as poems first​, “Sometimes I might write a poem, a spoken-word poem, but then morph that into a rap rhythmically”​ and he uses the same techniques in his lyrics.

Poetry has helped people for thousands of years pass along history to new generations.

Several ​researchers have shown that poetry helps children in their development. Kids who are taught nursery rhymes remember them later on and become better reader​, which helps them learn new words.

The context of the rhymes ​also ​help them pronounce the words better and gives a context to the other words they already ​know resulting in expanding the neural pathways of the brain for language -- ​very important in ​a child's ​early​ development that sets the stage for higher education. This boost in cognitive development helps ensure among other things an increased ability with study, educational attainment, and enjoyment of reading. Poetry’s rhythmic and lyrical usage of language is magnetic to the mind and memetic in transmitting more complex ideas across the culture in general. It captures the imagination of the culture. Think of all the catchphrases we all know—little couplets such as: “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”​, ​"​Happy wife, happy life",​ “Nothin to it but to do it”​, “A stitch in time, saves nine”, ​"30 days hath September, April, May and November…” and many more. ​

With all of this in mind we invite you to go to our freshly launched Kickstarter campaign needing donations to produce a poetry book for kids and parents to further a love of reading and literature and visual communication.

"Teach math and reading and writing and social studies and science to our children.

And breathe poetry.

​We have set out to bring back the fire of poetry and need your support in this quest.

Watch the video above and help us make this dream come true. ​

Let’s Make Our Children Read Again!"

—Kiril Alcaev, author Dreamcams & SlammerWhams

Bill Hinsch is illustrating the children's book Dreamcams & SlammerWhams with Kiril Alcaev—donate generously on his Kickstarter campaign.

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