Connecting the Dots: Testing

The Learning

What Happens:



Learning Maps are uniquely effective at helping people understand and internalize information.  The collaborative and experiential process guide participants to form conclusions that reshape their view of the business and what behaviors and actions they should be taking.


Consistent Learning Outcomes 

The design and method of use of Learning Map ensures that each and every group achieves 

the desired learning outcomes. The result: that the company’s strategies and 

initiatives are acted upon properly.


Shortened Time to Impact.


Companies have implemented maps with 

tens of  thousands of employees in a matter of two months.  The “plug and play” nature of the mats allows companies to accelerate the rate at which a global organization can transform their thinking and see operational results. The fact-based nature enables Learning Mats to present participants with information in a non-controversial fashion.  In addition, the dialogue-driven nature of the Learning

process engages each participant in collaborative learning that all participants benefit from, levering each person’s unique work experience.