Bill Hinsch

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Bill Hinsch

is a concept artist and explainer graphics specialist with over 20 years in the visual arts and Learning & Training industries. His unique ability in capturing complex ideas simply in a visual format allows information to be better understood and retained longer.


He has worked with the most important organizations in the world but his favorite assignments are with startups, entrepreneurs, inventors and people seeking to express their ideas in a visual format or explainer videos that allow everyone, from the workers on the shop floor to the executives in the c-suite understand their their company's strategic objectives and intent as well as  their part in making it successful.


Bill has had three distinct careers in the visual arts.


He was an early information graphics practitioner in the newspaper and magazine industry using infographics to communicate news stories. 


In the early 90s he was  co-founder of Root Learning with Randy Root and co-inventor of the Learning Map methodology—now widely used in learning environments where strategy or change initiatives need to be communicated. Bill left Root in 2006 and started Learning Visuals where he still practices today as a visual communications consultant to leading Learning and Training organizations.


Bill is also a portrait painter with works in several museums and many private collections.


He also does explainer videos that are utilized to convey concepts, product understanding, processes, inventions and ideas.


Bill lives in Perrysburg Ohio with his wife of 35 years, Carol, and his three children, Alex, Nick and Emily.